IVACON 2022 - The Art of Teaching Singing

Are you ready for the worlds biggest voice teacher conference?

The BIGGEST online conference for singing teachers in the world!

  • The Art of Teaching Singing

    This is the place to learn proven strategies and meet other like-minded voice teachers from around the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from world-class guest speakers from the singing community.

  • Virtual Experience

    The entire conference will be online for you to join us via Zoom from anywhere in the world! No jet lag or leaving home for weeks—participate from the comfort of your own home.

  • Available on two time zones

    We host two conferences every year in a US–friendly time zone and in an EU time zone:

    • April 25–28, 2022, PDT time zone
    • May 19–22, 2022, CEST time zone

I really enjoyed the all-encompassing aspect of the conference. It provided such a great learning opportunity because so many different topics were covered. It was wonderful to hear from so many people and see different personalities using the same teaching methods.

Denise Glennon, IVACON 2021 Attendee

Guest Speakers

We have some of the best speakers from around the world

  • Joanne Bozeman
  • Andrew Bryne
  • John Fluker
  • Liz Jackson Hearns
  • Prof. Anne-Marie Speed - Estill
  • Gerald White

IVA Master Teachers

With over 125 years of combined experience training voice teachers around the world.

Our Master Teachers are working with singers at every level, from beginners to worldwide performers and recording artists and bands.

  • Jeffrey Skouson
  • Roberto Delli Carri
  • Linda Tomkinson
  • Kathy Kennedy
  • Spencer Welch

IVA Ambassadors

IVA Ambassadors are personally selected by the Master Teachers to help deliver and train other IVA Teachers around the world. They are picked for their skills, experience and dedication to the development of outstanding voice teachers.

  • Charlene Adams
  • Rafa Barreiros
  • Renee Maranan
  • Chelsea Wilson
  • Andreas Grussl

You all guys are AMAZING!!! Thank you for this opportunity. I feel very blessed, motivated and inspired; it’s an honor being part of IVA. I love meeting people around the world and listening and learning with them. I feel a little closer to everyone and hear all the knowledge and great information that the Master Teachers, Ambassadors and Mentors have for us.

Isabel Amuchástegui Tessmann

Why is IVACON different from other voice conferences?

  • IVACON is entering its ninth year, enhancing our classes, programs, and events with each passing year as we grow, improve, and deliver what our participants ask for.

  • This event is jam-packed with a combination of information and theory-led sessions, as well as practical hands-on training experiences. Talking about stuff is helpful, but really getting in there, trying it out and testing what you’ve learned makes all the difference.

  • At far too many voice conferences, people sit and talk about the voice for hours never singing once. At IVACON, not only do we talk about it, but we then show you it in action—and then we give you the opportunity to teach it too.

  • What’s more, our Master Teachers and IVA instructors have been training voice teachers around the world for the last 25+ years. Our IVACON team have been running these conference and events for 15+ years. We know how to deliver a great conference experience

We don’t just talk about what to do—we show you how you can do it! Take a look beyond grey theory and be guided through practical application. Learn step-by-step how to make a difference in your students’ voices immediately!

Chelsea Wilson, USA

IVACON 2022 Pricing

IVA Teachers IVACON 2022 - Live Streaming

You get Zoom links for both conferences and attend what you want


What’s Included:

  • Admission to all live-streamed general sessions for the US and EU conference

  • Access to all live-streamed level-specific sessions for the US and EU Conference

  • Recordings and handouts for all US and EU general sessions and level-specific classes (available to stream or download)

  • Recordings and handouts for all US and EU general sessions and level-specific classes (available to stream or download)

  • Completes your 2022 Teacher Training requirements

  • Interactive community-building (and fun!) activities throughout the week

  • Access to IVACON Community

IVACON 2022 - Recordings Only

Only recordings, no live streaming options


What’s Included:

  • Recordings and handouts for all general sessions and level-specific classes from both conferences (available to stream or download)

  • Completes your 2022 Teacher Training requirements